Coldest Temperature On The Earth Recorded And It’s Not East Antarctica

While asking that which place is the coldest temperature on Earth? Any person would answer, that the East Antarctic region of the Earth is the coldest place on the planet. But what came as a surprise is that these cold breezes are becoming colder than ever thought like touching the point of -100 degrees Celsius (-148 degrees Fahrenheit).

As per an updated evaluation of data gathered with a satellite that was first reported in 2013. During that evaluation, the researchers reported that they have observed the temperature of -93 degrees Celsius (-135 degrees Fahrenheit), which is itself the coldest climate ever observed on our planet.

The recent analysis, which is utilized by the data gathered by Terra and Aqua satellites of NASA, and Polar Operational Environmental Satellites during of NOAA during the winter of the Southern hemisphere in 2004 and 2016, recorded even the lower temperature in the regions like small pockets which are 6—9 feet under the ice surface.

Bone-dry air and clear winter skies create a perfect climatic condition for development and nurturing of these frigid temperatures. As in the cold air is denser than the hot air blowing about it, it goes downwards, placed in hollows and getting even colder, even if the condition is favorable.

This results derived from the new data gathered are making us more curious and aware us that there are still many things which we need to discover about Earth, like exactly how cold it can become.

Ted Scambos, lead study author, National Snow and Ice Data Center, written in a press release, the newly collected data about the temperatures are probably going up than the limits, the dry air and clear skies require to stay consistent for several more days to reach these lower lows.

When the temperature falls down to a specific point, the air needs more time to get cooler, the condition of climate changes prior the lower temperature can be acquired.

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