Elon Musk: Berlin Gigafactory To Make Teslas Beginning With The Model Y

After rolling out production plants in China and the US, the next location of Tesla is apparently in Europe. Media reports that while talking in Germany at an awards ceremony, Elon Musk declared that the firm’s “Gigafactory 4” will be situated in the Berlin region. Musk later posted out “Giga Berlin,” and claimed that the location “Will develop powertrains, batteries, and vehicles, beginning with Model Y.”

This follows its present facilities in Buffalo and its latest inclusion in China. It seems that this one will also comprise a design and engineering center. Tesla purchased a German engineering company in 2016 to assist develop the Model 3, and it seems those efforts will develop as it rolls out manufacturing of the Model Y, and, most probably, the electric “cybertruck” that is supposed to be announced soon.

On a related note, Porsche is not just making an effort to deal with Tesla by providing electric vehicles. It is expecting to duplicate some of the business model, as well. The firm is piloting online vehicle sales in the US, offering potential users an opportunity to purchase from 25 of the nation’s 191 separately owned vendors. You will have your pick of both used and new vehicles from the inventory of the dealers, and can complete the burden of the payment details and documentation online (comprising images of your trade-in). You only need to visit the dealership for picking up your ride and the final signatures.

You can walk through the procedure on websites of dealers on mobile devices and desktops. To no one’s shock, Porsche is mulling over extending access if the pilot proves successful. It is rolling out a comparable program at the same time in Germany. This is not quite as far-reaching as Tesla.

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