Coronavirus has seen a rise of 23% on this Wednesday

The death toll due to the coronavirus in the regions of mainland China has seen a rise of 23% on this Wednesday due to the new methods of counting which have been adopted by the health officials of China who had eased the criteria for the cases which have been confirmed.

The deaths have risen to a level of 1,367 which is a rise of 252. All except two of the deaths have occurred in the region of China. In the meantime, total number of the confirmed cases have gone up to a level of 60,286 which have seen an increase of more than 15,000 from the day before.

There are 14 cases which are confirmed in the United States as of now.

The overseas spikes have been in part because of the new standards of counting which has been implemented by China and has been reported this Wednesday that they have been tallying the infections in a different manner. The nation had previously just counted the case of the coronaviruses when one person had tested to be positive for virus however this thought has also been revised as per the reports from China.

Government does not require a positive test as per the news reports and this is in part because the testing kits where in shorter supply. The new cases have been confirmed in case a person has been diagnosed simply by a health professional or a doctor. China has said that the new standard will be helping people get treatment in a quicker manner.

This has pushed the number of deaths way past the outbreak of SARS in the year 2002-200r as per the officials.

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