Trump Says Amazon’s Backout From NYC Is A Big Loss For The City

US President Trump recently said that Amazon not choosing to go ahead with building its Queens headquarters is a huge loss for New York City. Trump siding with the tech giant was uncharacteristic of him as he is known for bashing the company and its CEO Jeff Bezos. The new Queens HQ2 could have offered NYC 3bn in tax incentives and 25,000 high-paying jobs in the deal arranged by the Democratic governor and mayor. Trump’s perspective reflects his own personal experiences as a NYC real estate magnate. He argued that although the city officials could have negotiated a better deal with the company, the complete reversal of its course ultimately proved to be bad from the economic standpoint and the company’s decision to back out of New York was emblematic of liberal leadership as the $3 billion worth of taxes could have rolled in over a certain period of time because of the several employments that the company would have provided.

Trump added that the country slowly moving toward the radical left is not at all good for jobs or employments and also the economy. This comment made by President Trump could be hinting at some of the biggest critics of himself like Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who played a very important role in dissipating the deal between Amazon and New York City.

Ocasio-Cortex represents one area close to the Long Island City region, the same place where Amazon intending to build its new office. He praised the decision of the company to retreat as a big victory via a post on Twitter which said that Amazon’s retreat proves that a group of dedicated, daily New Yorkers along with their neighbors can defeat the corporate greed and worker exploitation of and by the company. He expressed happiness at having stood up against a powerful and rich man and having defeated him.

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