Court Denies Assisted Death Wish To Terminally Ill man in UK

Noel Conway has lost his appeal of death at the Appeal Court. Conway, aged 68, is suffering from motor neuron disease appealed to the court for a peaceful and painless death. The lecturer had made this same appeal at the high court earlier but it was rejected in May’18. He is now planning to make his appeal again at the highest Court. His present case was rejected on Wednesday by three tenured judges, Lady Justice King, Sir Terence Etherton and Sir Brian Leveson.

Conway, at present, lives at Shrewsbury. He informed that he feels arrested with 23 hours of ventilation and can only move his head, neck and right hand. He said he will continue to fight for his right to have a death of peace and dignity and also for all other people who are suffering from such terminal diseases. Until the court approves his proposal he said he has 2 ways left to end this entombed life; one,  by removing himself from the ventilation or by travelling thousands of miles to Switzerland and die willingly without exposing his family to prosecution.

As per the court, if this proposal is accepted it will be difficult for the Parliament to identify the genuinity of such cases and will also be in a tough situation to protect the weak and unprotected people from unethical activities. The court also felt that this proposal might create mistrust between the doctor and the patient. David Gauke, the State for Justice Secretary informed that the law that is in effect, which bans suicides and euthanasia is the best one at present.

The campaign run by Conway has been supported and considered to be a possible option like chosen by many other countries, by Sarah Wootton, who is the Group Chief Executive and Andrew Copson, a Humanist and also Chief Executive of UK.

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