US Sees A Second Death Possibly Linked To Vaping Related Lung Disease

According to the latest statement from Oregon Health Authority, health officials in Oregon are currently investigating a death due to severe lung injuries as that may be related to vaping. The tragic death that happened back in July was related to vaping products containing cannabis content according to the officials but as of now the person isn’t identified. Health officials are drawn by the similarity of the case with 200 other cases from all over the country as nearly all of them were using CBD and THC based products for vaping.

Ann Thomas, one of the investigators, recently said that, they have no idea about the exact cause of this serious illness. She added that they are unsure if it’s caused by cartridges, liquid or the device. This case is the second death case related to vaping and authorities haven’t found anything solid as of now. Over 200 patients have been found suffering from this as of now. Ngozi Ezike said in a recent statement that the severity of this illness as reported by patients is very alarming and it is time to spread the word that vaping can be harmful. He added that they have asked CDC to send a team that might help them is solving this problem.

Serious lung issues due to vaping are appearing everyday all around the country and have been observed mainly among teens. A 19-year old boy Kevin is currently connected to a heart and lung machine in Pennsylvania and his parents say that he might need a lung transplant. Another 17 year old boy named Tryston has been in comma for 10 days now because of a lung disease.CDC has already issued a health warning saying that vaping can be hazardous for lungs. They said that young adults, teens and pregnant women who have never smoked tobacco shouldn’t start vaping due to the potential harm it can cause. The statement further adds that the existing scientific evidence is not enough to conclude that vape devices help in quitting smoking.

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