Cramer Suggests The Benefits Of Investing In Amusement Parks For Safe Profits

Recently, on Monday, Jim Cramer from CNBCon had stated a profitable suggestion on the stock values of two of the most prominent amusement parks across the United States. Following the heat of the attendance hardships in a couple of years, Cramer stated that he is intending to give his support and favor on Cedar Fair and Six Flags because both the amusement enterprises were confident enough to publish their sale records in their recent earnings reports.

Cedar Point has a chain of more than a dozen water parks, hotels and amusement parks, which include the Cedar Point located Sandusky, Ohio. On the other hand, the list of attractions at Six Flags is almost twice of that of Cedar Point, and yet both companies have incurred in almost the same amount of revenue in the last year, as per Cramer’s reports. Although the investors might have become frightened by the bond market turmoil last week, Cramer has highlighted on the company quarterly reports which are helping Wall Street in retaining its trade market. The CNBC host has shown the result database from Walmart, Nvidia and Estee Lauder as the reason for supporting his statement.

Cramer has also added that the American consumers are flourishing and that retailers can court their business if they can ensure the presence of two things: a strong digital presence or an off-price format. As per Cramer’s estimates, stores that cannot offer a good online shopping experience or selling goods with a handsome discount offer, are either doomed or shall be forced to decline.

Online sales in the U.S. surpassed in-store sales for the first time in history this past February. The consumers of modern days shall are more inclined to products that have greater convenience, as stated by Cramer. If it doesn’t have a great digital presence or incredible bargains, then the consumers shall move on to a better product.

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