The IWT Must Focus On The Declining Number Of Elephants In Asia

The increasing illegal trade of animal’s skin has affected a large number of endangered species.

Boris Johnson, Foreign Secretary, told to put on the countdown of 100 days for Illegal Wild Life Trade (IWT) conference going to be held on October 11 in London which aimed at stopping such practices just like Kyoto city did to avoid CO2 emissions. He said, “We must do something now; else our future generations won’t forgive us. Each of us must preserve our nature and its value. There is a need to ban this ignorant trade of endangered species”.

He talked about the declining number of wild tiger species like Bengal tigers and Siberian tigers and commented that the number of members in the London’s Reform Club is more than that of those tigers. But he didn’t mention anything about the Asian elephants, which are on the verge of extinction.

An investigative report, which was published by a UK charity, highlighted the trade of ivory that was a threat to elephants. They also stated that male and female along with the calves are killed for skin and ivory. As the pace of reproduction is slow, killing the female elephants can lead to the extinction.

When Belinda Stewart asked why the Asian elephants aren’t been considered, even though each and every animal is economically and ecologically important in the nature, Johnson blustered an apology.

Due to this, Elephant family also has been taken into consideration at IWT with the help of Zacharias Goldsmith, who will coordinate the conference.

Belinda says, “We should not forgive ourselves. Why we should wait for the future generations to think about this? The elephants in Asia are so terrorized that we need to take very serious actions to save them from extinction. We don’t combine tigers and lions together, so how can we treat Asian elephants differently than the African Elephants.  ”

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