Ex Enron CEO Wants To Make A Comeback Into Energy Sector

The former CEO of Enron, Jeffrey Skilling, recently finished his 12 years sentence in a correctional facility in Montgomery and has been released. He is looking into getting back into the energy business, something which he specialized in. He penned this idea while he was serving as an inmate in prison and written way back in 2015.

Skilling has initiated a meeting with his former partners and colleagues after he was released last month at the age of 65 and attempts to re-entry into the residential program in Houston. Even the Wall Street Journal reported the speculated return of Skilling, though he himself has not passed any comment regarding the matter. Some insider reports suggest that the project is still relatively infant and is being nurtured at its earliest stage and seems mostly to be related to developing software programs for investors in gas and oil.

There has been no monetary investment in it yet though some people who have given inputs into it have signed a Nondisclosure agreement. When Skilling formulated the idea, he was in prison with a fair amount of sentence left and was majorly scared that someone would propose the idea even before he made it out.

Among the various people Skilling has discussed his ideas with, the most significant person is Lou Pai, who also occupied a stellar position in Enron’s Energy Services division and now works as a consultant in the energy industry. Unfortunately, even he could not be reached for comment. The ideas of Skilling do not involve any form of blockchain or cryptocurrency, it has been confirmed and is definitely being earmarked as a path taken by him to make a comeback in this particular industry, the one from which he so unceremoniously exited after it’s huge collapse, where he was found guilty of 19 of the 28 charges pressed against him and given a sentence of 24 years with forfeiture of $45 million. It does seem like he has suffered enough and deserves this break at re-entry.



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