Simple Sugar Supplement Intended To Reduce Cancer Expansion

Scientists at the University of Glasgow have found out new data that a simple sugar supplement can reduce the growth of cancer. The panel from the CRUK (Cancer Research UK) Beatson Institute also found that it could formulate chemotherapy more helpful against some tumors.

Simple Sugar Supplement Intended To Reduce Cancer Expansion

The panel carried out the experiments on mice but expressed that it could one day induce to human treatment. This study may direct to a path of “starving” cancerous cells. Each and every cell in the human body feeds on the sugar glucose; tumor cell feeds even more. Kevin Ryan—Professor at the University of Glasgow—stated that the panel feed sugar known as mannose to mice having tumors. Mannose is naturally occurring in many fruits. It is also produced in some cells in the human body. The mice had different kinds of tumors. Some were feed with mannose thrice a week via a feeding tube, whereas, others were given in their drinking water continuously. Professor Ryan’s team stated to Nature that the mice showed no clear consequences from the mannose. More significantly, the sugar appeared to lessen significantly the progression of some kinds of tumors. The procedure was repeated, this moment with the extensively-used chemotherapy drugs doxorubicin and cisplatin to observe if mannose increased their efficiency. In some cases, tumor growth seemed to slow and the lifespan of some mice in fact increased.

Recently, the University of Glasgow was also in news for leading a ground-breaking mission for robot-assisted surgery. A research project intending to find new techniques to use ultrasonic tools for complex and robot-assisted surgery has gained over £6.1 Million funds. The EPSRC (Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council) has granted £6.1 Million to the University of Glasgow for conducting a project known as “surgery enabled by ultrasonics.” For over the next 5 Years, the Universities of Glasgow, Birmingham, Leeds, Edinburgh, and Southampton will function together to avail the benefit of the opportunities given by ultrasonic technologies to make sure they are broadly adopted for surgery.

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