Expected Announcements At Apple’s WWDC Event—Report

Every year Apple conducts many press conferences to announce the changes in its next generation iOS. The World Wide Developers Conference is an event for software developers held for 2-3 days and its main focus is on upcoming operating systems in Apple’s products. It is scheduled on June 3 and will be broadcasted on Apple’s site. This year’s conference is going to focus on the multiple software and hardware upgrades of Apple products. The announcements on hardware of the iPhone are not yet revealed as it is saved for the main event. But there are other software updates that are most awaited ones.

Apple has been talking about a new model of its Mac Pro since 2017. Finally, it is rumored that the powerful PC of the company will have a new display with its new model.

The next version of iPhones, the iOS 13 is likely to have a dark mode which will include color changing system enabling better seeing in low light. This feature is already present in Apple’s Mac. Other updates will include upgrades of in-built apps like Reminder. Health tracking features like hearing- measurement tools will be installed and iPad will have many multi-tasking features.

The Apple watch was always dependent on the iPhone for even basic tasks. It is hopeful that the next update will give the device its own App store and an update to key apps and inclusion of many new health tasks, thus making it an independent gadget.

Another major announcement would be that Apple is finally eliminating iTunes from iPhones, after a long wait of 18 years. A new music app will be introduced which will give easy accessibility to audio and video content to iPhone users. They are also investing heavily on partnership for a revised TV app.

The Apple watch will now also have an App store of its own which will remove its dependency on iPhone.

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