Restricted Calories When Combined With Exercising Can Weaken Bones

A fresh study conducted on mice has revealed that exercise when combined with restricted calories can result in fragile and smaller bones. However, when a workout done on a complete calorie diet results in healthy bones. This study was published in the JBMR (Journal of Bone and Mineral Research).

As per Dr. M. Styner, Assoc. Prof. of Med., At the UNC (University of North Carolina), Chapel Hill, the study amazed them. Previously, studies have revealed that for healthy bones it’s good to combine workouts with high and normal calorie regime. Although, bones are affected when calorie restricted regime is team up with exercise.

Until the age of 20 to 30 years, our bone formation surpasses the osteoblastic activity of the body. Osteoporosis results either due to slow formation of bone, or removal is quite fast or both. Osteoporosis is more prominent in females than males as the formers have thinner and smaller bones when compared to the latter and also due to drop in estrogen hormone during menopause which protects bone. As per the CDCP (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), nearly 25% females & 5% males aged 65 years and above are affected by osteoporosis. As per Dr. Styner, this new study could be pertinent for women due to earlier and higher osteoporosis incidents in them.

They researched on mice by dividing them into 2 groups. One group was fed with regular diet while the other group was given a calorie restricted diet. Although, the nutrient levels of both the groups were kept same. Then these two groups were made to do exercises.

The result was surprising. Both the groups lost weight, however, the group of mice fed with regular diet showed an increase in bone health by an increase in density of bone and reduction in BMF (Bone Marrow Fat), while the calorie restricted mice’s bone became more fragile and weak.

Hence, it was concluded that calorie reduction alone led to loss of bone in mice, since both the mice groups had all other nutrient levels balanced.

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