Facebook Hires The Head Of Chip Development Of Google

The tech giant Facebook Inc. sent a strong message regarding its goal for making its own team so as to build semiconductors. The social media company has decided the club of Apple Inc., Amazon Inc., and Google Inc. in the race of making their own custom chips.

Facebook got onboard Shahriar Rabii and appointed him vice president of Silicon. Shahriar, according to his LinkedIn profile, has worked previously for Google, where he used to lead the company in manufacturing chips for the company’s devices such as Pixel smartphone’s custom visual core chip. At Facebook, he will be subordinate of Andrew Bosworth; Andrew is responsible for company’s augmented reality and virtual reality program.

Since April, Facebook has started to form a team to build chips and acquire the company based in California Menlo Park, which is working on semiconductors that is useful to the company in the various platforms like to process information in its data centers, and for its AI work.

For the past one year, Google has been working on its future devices. As confirmed by the Mount View based company, they are working on the new Pixel devices with a better camera along with a bezel-less screen on the larger model.

The move made by the giant companies like Apple, Google, Facebook on chip building is part of the trend where the companies don’t want to depend on the third-party chip manufacturers like AMD, Intel and Qualcomm Inc. Considering the fact that Apple has already started providing its own custom-made processors in its product and by the end of 2020, Apple hopes to deliver its product line with its own main processors.

Facebook has invested a lot in its project named Oculus virtual reality; the company is working on future products with Qualcomm smartphone chip such as first hardware consisting of series of speakers attached with large touch screens which can be used during video chats.

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