Facebook Content Isn’t Available Right Now

Sometimes when you open a link on facebook you get an error message “this content isn’t available right now Facebook” this error can be caused by many reasons. You also encounter the “facebook pictures not loading” error on your Pc. To solve this error follow the methods given below.

1. Check If you have been blocked

The common reason behind your problem may be that the user whose post you want to see may have blocked you. You can visit their profile. If you can visit then it means they haven’t blocked you.

2. Check if you are logged out

Sometimes, you get involuntarily logged out from your account. This happens when you spend too much time on that or maybe some other reasons. Then what you have to do is refresh your page and enter your login credentials to the login screen which is displayed. Now check if your error is resolved. 

3. Check if the content was deleted

The error may also occur if your content gets deleted. Or in some case or situation if it violates Facebook’s policy, the content is inappropriate, spam, or has been flagged, then the content might get deleted.

4. Check if the privacy settings have been changed

Now, you have to check the privacy settings, it may have got changed. Post owners may change their privacy settings after some time. Once he changes it to private, then the content is only shown to the people he allows. So you may face this error.

5. Check for virus and malware

You must check for malware and virus because this can cause the issue and can also cause other serious problems on your PC. You can use Avast or windows defender to check for the virus.

6. Check for location or age restrictions

Facebook gives great importance to age restrictions and it does not allow user below the set limit to watch the content. If the page administrator has decided to limit the content to a specific age group or a specific location then you might face the error.


Now you may have an idea about how to fix the “this content isn’t available right now on Facebook” issue. Hope this article is helpful for you and solves your problem quickly.

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