Looking For Good Fan Control Software? Here’s A List Of The Top 10 Fan Control Software!

Computer fans are a useful tool that helps in keeping your computer cool and minimizes irritating noises. They help in reducing the heat of the computer. The heat can make your Windows slow and unresponsive or can also lead them to shut down unexpectedly. The phone adjusting the fan speed of your system can help you keep your system cool when it is loaded with functions.

changing the speed of a computer fan can be done automatically as well as manually. Blue mentioned is the list of top 10 software that will help you control the speed of the fan in your computer.

1) Open hardware Monitor

The first CPU fan control software that you should keep under consideration is an open hardware monitor. It is a fast software that monitors the temperature sensors, voltages, clock, speeds, and the fan speed of your computer. With this software, you can manually control the fan speed up your computer and laptop to improve the performance.

2) Speed Fan

Fan speed control software- SpeedFan is an extremely powerful tool that helps in monitoring the temperature, voltage, and fan speed of the system. 

Using this software you can manipulate the fan speed of your system based on its temperature, thereby making it cooler or warmer according to the performance needed.

3) HWMonitor

It is another control software for the fan of your device which has been prevalent in the market for quite some time. It provides a straightforward function to control the system science including the one in the CPU. Along with this, it monitors your motherboard voltage, the temperature of the processor, the processes voltage, HDD and GPU temperatures, and so on.

4) Notebook FanControl

Notebook fan control is a fan control service for notebooks that allows you to adjust the fan speed manually. This amazing software comes with a powerful configuration system that permits you to manipulate it to a hell of a lot of different preloaded models of your notebook.

5) Argus Monitor

The fifth software in our list of top 10 is the Argus monitor. Besides being a light program to your computer, it is also reliable and helps in changing or controlling the fan speed.  This software runs in the background and helps in controlling the fan speed as well as the hard disk health of your monitor based on the software or programs you run on your computer.

6) Easy Tune 5

When it comes to changing the speed of the fan in your computer manually, easy tune 5 is a good choice as it gives you direct control over the coolers fan of your CPU and helps you change or adjust the fan speed of your computer and laptop easily.

7) ZOTAC Firestorm

If you are using Windows operating system, ZOTAC firestorm is also good software to control the fan speed. It does not have a lot of bells or whistles to alert the user like other software, but silently it works good enough to turn up the fan speed of your computer.

Besides turning up the fan speed, this software also allows you to monitor the memory clock speed, CPU clock speed, schedule clock speed, and VDDC value.

8) Thinkpad fan controller

The eighth software on the list is the Thinkpad fan controller. This software is designed to assist the users of notebooks from the ThinkPad  T4x series. These series are devoid of proper fan control mechanisms. This software also helps in monitoring multiple sensors of your monitor and displays the temperature of your CPU, motherboard, and GPU.


This is free software for the Windows operating system which helps in useful fan control and allows you to do various tasks apart from manually changing the speed of your fan on a computer. With this fan control software also you can monitor several system components like mentioned above.

10) Corsair Link

The last software on the list of top 10 is Corsair link. the software also allows you to change the speed of your pant and shows the accurate real-time temperature of your CPU and the speed of the fan. This software is supported on all the latest operating systems.


If you want to change the fan speed of your computer, use the top 10 software that you can use to automatically or manually change the speed of your computer for better performance and smooth working.

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