FedEx Targeted For Failed Delivery Services Amidst Huawei Blacklist

According to sources, FedEx has failed in delivering express packages in China at designated addresses which is highly damaging the interests and lawful rights of clients and also violating rules and regulations which are governing express industry.

On Saturday, a news agency reported came that a case has been filed by the Chinese authorities for investigating FedEx, a parcel delivery company in US for not valuing the rights of clients of China.

This move against the delivery service company FedEx is taken by Chinese government when Huawei, the tech company of China said that it was reconsidering its relations with FedEx after many packages got diverted.

Recent report states that Huawei has filed case against FedEx for diverting two of the packages from Japan to be delivered to companies in China but they were delivered to US without any detailed explanation.

FedEx allegedly tried to re-route other two packages which were to be sent to Huawei addresses from Vietnam but FedEx tried to send it somewhere else in Asia even without authorization.

The company told that these four packages had only documents, no technology. On this, FedEx said that it will fully cooperate with all regulatory investigation.

In a press interview, the company said that they value their business with Chinese. Their relationship with company Huawei and all customers of China is very important to them.

FedEx keeps itself to very high standards in services. It will completely cooperate with all regulatory investigation on how they serve their customers.

Last month, Huawei was blacklisted from purchasing the US components by the administration of Trump after declaration of national emergency on US technology threats. For maintaining existing networks, the US administration subsequently eased the restrictions from Huawei for buying components from US for 90 days.

The trade war between Beijing and Washington is escalating as the trade negotiations collapsed.US has almost doubled the tariffs on Chinese goods worth $200 billion and also threatened that it would put tax on all the goods imported from China.

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