FedEx warns customers of a new scam

FedEx has warned its customers regarding a new scam which is happening text-based and has been using the name of the company to obtain the information that is personal from the user of the phone.

In the last week, many of the people have been taking to the social media site Twitter with the message’s screenshots. The messages that had been used by the users addressing their names and asking them to set the preference of delivery and have a code for tracking.

These texts further feature a link which takes the user to a site which is a fake site of Amazon and asks them complete one survey as per the photos which had been obtained by the experts. After the completion of this survey, the users are then directed to one page which allows them to claim a reward in exchange they have to submit their information of debit or credit card.

In a statement by the company, they warned their customers that they should delete as well as refrain from opening this particular message or email.

They further provided an email id where such cases must be reported and there is no way they said to prevent the use of the name FedEx in a scam as they monitor the activities constantly and work for the enforcement of the law.

The company further warned its followers of Twitter for watching out for the suspicious message and had also warned of similar scams which may exist

They also advised to check out for the spelling and grammar errors as well as capitalization and the other red flags which can help in detecting the issues with the message.

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