Flu season to be the worst, doctors warn and advice flu shots.

The flu season has officially arrived and it is being said by the doctors that one of the flu strain is estimated to be particularly severe in this year. The strain is known as the H3N2 strain.

In this year, the season of fly is expected to last from the beginning of October until the end of May.

Doctors have recommended the residents to get a shot of flu as early as they can and anyone who is over 6 months of age can get a shot of flu. There are scientific proofs according to doctors which help in the prevention of the flu.  The vaccine has a virus which is inactive and helps the body in building up immunity for the flu.

The signs of flu are Fatigue Coughing, running nose as well as nausea. The doctors have said that the best way to avoid the disease is by getting a flu shot.

Experts have said that it is not just a way to protect a resident but also those who around him who have chronic illnesses and get sick due to the flu.

The other groups which can get the flu are the pregnant women, kids and senior citizens.

The local residents have been showing their willingness to get the flu shot as a lot of residents who did not take the shot earlier are making sure they take it having had the flu earlier as a preventive measure before the cold starts fully setting in.

The hospitals across the nation have been waiting on a lot more shots of flu to be delivered and the doctors have reassured that there is no cause for worry as they will be delivered soon.

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