Global Expectations From March As Positive And Negative Signs Emerge

The month of March is marching ahead with huge expectations from the world.

The trade deal between China and the U.S. talks are still continuing, after the deadline of March 1 has been extended. More details on the talks will soon be clarified by the officials, once agreements are reached.

The Brexit deadlock is still worrying the country and talks will resume between Britain and the European Union. Britain, which is due to leave the European Union on March 29 hopes for proper talks to go on without too much of disruptions and chaos that may affect the economy. The growth of the European region depends on this very volatile period of tariffs, trade fees, earnings, and money transfer.

In China, the National People’s Congress will bring in its annual economic plan. Growth target will be specified and economists expect the growth target to be lower than the 6.5 percent specified for the previous two years.

After several stimulus measures have been taken in China, the country will watch out for the effects of the stimulus packages on its economy and growth, as important data will be released.

The summit that is to take place in the middle of March between President Trump and President Xi Jinping will be eyed with great interest by other countries too. It will be a historic deal, says Larry Kudlow, the economic adviser of the White House.

The fourth quarter performance in the U.S. has shown good progress in the economy. It has shown a growth of 2.9 percent which is much higher than expectations. However, how the economy will fare in the new quarter is still dubious, as there have been many disruptions in the current year.

The U.S. President has plans to place tariffs on the Japanese and European cars which may affect the two countries.

It is a volatile period that investors will take keen interest upon.

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