Vaping Rates Rising In Middle School Children Says NYC Health Chief

Dr. Oxiris Barbot, health commissioner for NYC, and a Pediatrician by specialization said that the beginning of the school year makes her feel excited about the opportunities ahead of children, and the health issues they face. She said that middle school children want to experiment and explore their independence. Guarding them against unhealthy life choices can be difficult.

Data from the Health Department shows that society is grappling a public health crisis with middle-school students getting addicted to Nicotine. Last year, middle-school students from New York City had an electronic cigarette usage of 1 in every 15 students. The numbers are increasing – 2.6% of sixth-grade students and 8.4% of eight grade students are using e-cigarettes.

E-cigarettes are nullifying all the reduction in cigarette consumption achieved previously. Compared to traditional cigarettes, the likelihood of using e-cigarettes is nine times for 7th-grade students and six times for their 8th-grade counterparts. E-cigarettes, which have gained popularity in just the last decade, have become immensely popular in minimal time.

Dr. Barbot said it was an essential part of his job as a pediatrician to counsel parents and children on the hazards of tobacco use. The pediatrician explained the addiction potential of Nicotine and explained that the substance can alter the chemistry of the teenage brain affecting memory and concentration for young individuals. It is not just about Nicotine, smoke contains many cancer-causing agents like formaldehyde and benzene. Heavy metals like Lead and Tin are also found in harmful concentrations.

Across the United States, more than 380 people are confirmed victims of severe lung disease during to vaping. There have been six deaths.

President Trump’s administration supports the banning of most flavored e-cigarettes. The Federal government can protect these young individuals from the dangers of smoking. The CDCs are yet to determine the exact cause why vaping is causing these problems, it is confirmed that none of the e-smoking products are harmless.

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