Google Plans Stricter Control On App Developers

Google plans to step up its control over app developers in order to block those having links to unsafe and malicious app. developers. New application developers will be subjected to greater controls and their investigation is likely to run into a number of days.

Drastic action would be taken by Google against app creators aiming to develop malicious apps or misuse the Play Store. Malicious developers use a number of ways to circumvent existing Google controls like creating new accounts, changing account information or exploiting the good name of established developers by hijacking their accounts and so on. Henceforth, the accounts of such developers will be barred by Google. The move will impact positively as far as cyber security is concerned.

Google has also introduced a few other changes in its controls like forcing app developers to make disclosures regarding type of data needed by them and limit their accessibility to certain phone features. The app developers need to base their programs on the current and extremely secure versions of application programming interfaces (API) of Android. App developers need to base their programs at least on Android 9’s API which came out in August 2018.

The stricter controls would according to Google enhance transparency and control demanded by users over personal data that has to be surrendered for using the application. Misuse of personal data which has to be surrendered would be eliminated to a large extent. In depth examination of the app developers was one aspect of the total uplift given to Android’s policies and platforms.

Google’s greater strictness with regard to app developers comes in the wake of its yearly developer conference IO that is slated for 7th May 2019. App developers new to Google will have to bear patience as they get through the rigorous checks undertaken by the tech giant.

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