Google Slapped With £44m Fine For Breaching Data Protection Rules

Google Slapped With £44m Fine For Breaching Data Protection RulesTech giant Google has been fined by French data regulator for breach of data protection rules and the amount is a whooping £44million but the firm said that it is still studying the decision to determine what steps need to be taken. The data regulator for France called CNIL stated that the record fine was levied for dearth of transparency in its operations and lack of consent in showing ads to viewers. It said that the search giant was not informing people about how their personal data was being collected to show them targeted advertisements.

Complaints about Google had been filed on May 25, 2018, by rights groups Noyb and La Quadrature du Net on the day GDPR regulation took effect. They claimed that Google had no legal basis to collect and process user information for personalization of advertisements. Though the firm’s headquarters in Europe are located in Ireland it was decided to try the case by CNIL as the Ireland does not have power over the services and Android operating system of Google. CNIL stated that as Google had disseminated information over several documents it had not gained clear consent of people.

The regulator declared that actual information was accessible only after going through several steps in the document and users are unable to fully comprehend the meaning of Google’s processing operations. Also the Google has been accused of failing to obtain valid legal reason for processing user data and that the information is too diluted for users to be aware of their extent in collecting personal information. Also the fact that personalized ads feature is pre-selected when users create an account shows disregard for rules of GDPR. Users give their consent in full for all processing operations that are carried out by Google on the basis of this consent though GDPR has a provision that consent should be given for each purpose distinctly.

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