Uber Launches Uber Lite In India

Uber, the cab-hailing major, this week has declared a new application for its consumers in India. Dubbed as Uber Lite, this new application has been rolled out in India first and will be launched in other up-and-coming areas in the upcoming months.

The newly rolled out Uber Lite app is less than 5 MB in size and is developed considering basic Android handset. The application is claimed to operate in areas with low connectivity as well. It has a claimed response time of 300 Milliseconds and is developed for those who have restricted options for connectivity. Currently, Uber Lite will only be accessible in 3 Indian markets namely Hyderabad, Jaipur, and Delhi.

Uber Lite is claimed to hoard the top places in the city so that in cases when the consumer is not online, they can still be able to book a cab. The application is also claimed to shortly receive ride requests and language selection without network connectivity too. Maps are optional in Uber Lite but available with a click if you wish for it. The application preserves the option to share the status of user’s trips with emergency SOS calling and a contact.

Uber Lite operates by picking your location with a click of a button, claims the firm. As an alternative to typing where you are present, you can select a close-by point of interest. In addition to this, the application is claimed to store the top places in the city so that even when a consumer is not online, they can book a cab. “The more you employ the app, the smarter it becomes. It learns where you most often go and shows those choices first.”

On a similar note, Uber was recently in talks with Waymo (autonomous driving unit of Alphabet Inc) about employing its tech on the ride-hailing app of Uber’s, claimed Chief Executive of Uber, Dara Khosrowshahi.

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