Google To Make Big Improvement To Gesture Navigation In Android

Before Android 10 Q is launched later this year, Google is carrying on experimenting with and enhancing its gesture-supported navigation. Lately, the firm shifted so near to Apple’s iPhone X method that it almost feels similar to a duplicate. But to achieve that, Google had to rethink traditional back button of Android. Rather than keeping an on-screen option, Android Q will employ a swiping movement—inside from either side of the display—for the back functionality.

This modification instantly clashed with the slide-out options employed in countless smartphone applications. Many of them allows you click on a hamburger menu logo to access that panel, but those logos can often be in a tough spot to click (such as the left corner at the top of the display) when our handsets keep getting larger and larger.

Sliding your hand to access the drawer menu is more spontaneous. But doing so now fails to open those side options unless you diagonally slide your finger, which is a workaround some consumers have found.

Luckily, this case is about to improve with the next beta 5 for Android Q. Google claims that to access slide-out options, users employing completely gestural navigation will be capable of tapping and holding close to the screen edge. The menu will begin to appear, where they can slide it to access.

On a related note, you can now test a major new functionality from Android Q by downloading a new application. ActionDash, an application that more or less replicates Digital Wellbeing features of Google, has been upgraded to add a “focus mode” that operates same as that of the focus mode, which is being developed into the upcoming Android version. When you trigger Focus Mode, your handset will lock you out of applications that you have flagged as distracting.

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