New Crypto Platform By Facebook Can Vie Against Apple Pay

Earlier in 2018, media disclosed that Facebook was designing a cryptocurrency supported by the US dollar that consumers can pay to each other using WhatsApp. As per a new media report, Facebook has larger strategies for its “stablecoin.” It seems that the social media behemoth has begun making deals with number of financial firms and online merchants in an effort to gather support for a cryptocurrency-supported transaction service that can vie against Apple Pay.

The media claims that Facebook has been operating on Project Libra for more than a year. It supposedly developed the system to be employed for personal purchases and transfers not just on its own service, but also on other sites. The network might operate similar to other checkout options that users can employ all over the web. And earlier report claims that Facebook is seeking to lift $1 Billion for the project from sponsors such as Mastercard and Visa, hinting that the social media is going make it happen.

On a related note, out of all the declarations Facebook made at its F8 2019 developers event, one of the most essential was the renovation of its core handset application. The new app, which has been upgraded with what Facebook is dubbing the “FB5” edition, is now faster, cleaner, and puts Groups center and front. And, as Mark Zuckerberg (CEO Facebook) claimed, “The application is not anymore blue.” That is the first thing you will see when you see out the new application, which is launching out to consumers soon. If you utilize Messenger, the white-based design of the FB5 Facebook application will feel quite recognizable.

As mentioned previously, a huge focus of this edition is on converting Groups more omnipresent within the app. A renovated Groups section will display you a feed of activity from societies you are subscribed to.

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