GoPro Now Permits Limitless Video Uploads To Its Cloud Storage Service

GoPro is branching out its subscription-supported $4.99-per-month cloud service to add limitless video storage at original source quality, the firm declared this week. The videos have to be snapped using a GoPro, but Nick Woodman (company CEO) emphasizes that there are no other “conditions” for the new deal. “Limitless means limitless,” Woodman claimed to the media in a statement.

Earlier, the GoPro Plus service permitted consumers to store limitless pics and almost 35 Hours of video (almost 250 GB). The files would be stored and transcoded at a lower bitrate, as well. “There is no transcoding taking place and there is no degradation of picture quality,” Woodman claimed talking about the new service. “Your GoPro video and photos are going to stay in your Plus cloud account in their initial bitrate with no change at all.”

The limitless storage applies to files snapped on earlier GoPros, as well, not just the latest Hero 7 series.

On a related note, GoPro earlier claimed that it would join forces with a bigger industrial company however isn’t effectively occupied with a deal. This comes as its stakes halfway bounced back from previous substantial losses. The incidents took place after reports by a few outlets of media that GoPro had procured J.P. Morgan to assist it with a deal to process, as the “one-time Wall Street preferred” fights falling interest for its sports drones and cameras.

The firm’s stakes, which dropped as much as 33% to a record low of $5.04, recovered some of their losses after the deal discussions were first announced by the local media. “We’ve generally been evident that we are available to any open door that will assist us to scale our central goal. JP Morgan is our broker, yet there is no dynamic engagement to offer,” GoPro claimed to the media in an interview.

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