Compress Outlook Mailbox Size by PST Compact Tool Without Archiving

Description: PST compress tool is a one-stop solution to reduce large PST file of MS Outlook. The tool efficiently compacts Outlook mailbox size by removing attachments from Outlook data file. PST compaction software supports MS Outlook 2016 and all the below versions. Shrink Outlook data file with the best solution ever.

PST Compress Tool

(Reliable Software to Reduce the Size of Outlook PST File)

In the current arena, Outlook becomes most popular email application among all business users. It includes multiple components such as emails, contacts, calendars, notes, etc. in PST format. So, PST files work like a backbone of Outlook application. But, day by day PST file gets larger from MBs to GBs due to a lot of data saved in Outlook account. There is no doubt that exceeding the maximum size limit of PST file makes it prone to corruption, making system performance slow. PST Compress tool is the one-stop solution to resolve this problem, as it becomes a priority to the users to reduce the size of PST file and remove all unnecessary space. Let’s have a look on this software to shrink Outlook PST file and its features.

Know About PST Compress Software

PST Compaction tool is used to reduce the size of mailboxes of Outlook program and to remove all extra and unused space from them. This software allows compacting single, as well as multiple PST files at once that take less time. While compressing the selected files to multiple possible sizes, it does not cause any damage or loss of files and maintain the file structure exactly same as before. In fact, it generates a log report to display the entire PST compression details. In addition, it allows shrinking both types of PST files, i.e. ANSI and Unicode. The software is smoothly compatible to work with all versions of Outlook and Windows operating system including Windows 10.

System Specifications

It can be said that the system necessities are minimal for the tool. This is because of the following reasons are mentioned below:

  1. It supports Windows 10 and all below versions of Windows.
  2. The requirement of free hard disk space is only 5 MegaBytes.
  3. The minimum requirement of processor frequency is only 1GHz. However, use of 2.4 GHz frequency is optimal.
  4. The smallest amount of system RAM required is 512 MegaBytes. Though 1 GB RAM is considered adequate.

Some Prominent Features of PST Compress Application

  • Shrink Large PST File

When Outlook PST file exceeds the limit by 2GB, then this PST Compact tool will help you to reduce the size of PST file. This process is very easy to manage as it extracts attachments and saves as per user’s need.

  • 3 Compression Options

The PST Compress software provides three different options to shrink large PST file. They are:

    • Remove attachments
    • Extract and save attachments
    • Extract, save and compress attachments
  • Remove Attachments from PST

To reduce the size of Outlook PST file, the tool gives an option to remove the attachments from mailboxes. If you have selected this option, the tool will take out the attachments and eliminate them permanently.

  • Extract & Save Outlook attachments

If you want to compress the PST file without deleting attachments, then this provides an option to extract all attachments and save them in a separate folder. It will shrink the size of PST file and also maintain the attachments in the local machine.

  • Extract, Save & Compact Attachments

With the help of PST Compact software, you can extract and save the PST file in a separate folder. Apart from this, you can also minimize the size of attachments as the tool offers a feature to zip all the attachments.

  • Display Progress Report

Outlook data file compacting tool has an option to generate a complete progress report after starting the PST compression process. This report includes various details such as file name, folder name, number of emails, number of attachments, etc.

Working With PST Compact Tool

  1. Install and open PST Compress tool in your system.

2. Select Add File or Add Folder option and choose the PST file that you need to compress.

3. Now, select a destination folder to save the compressed PST file.

4. Finally, click on Compress PST >> option.

Versions Available For the PST Compress Software

  • Trial Version: The demo version of PST Compaction tool compressed only the initial 5 emails from each folder of a PST file in order to render the preview.
  • Licensed Version: In paid version of the application, there is no any limitation on the number of PST files that can be compressed.

Advantages/ Disadvantages of the Tool


  • It offers 3 option while compressing the size of Outlook PST files
  • Provides an option to display the complete status report


  • The tool is not able to preview the data
  • Outlook installation is necessary for compression

Observational Verdict

Here, we have covered the requirements to reduce Outlook PST file size and also discussed one such way to compress the over-sized Outlook data files. PST Compact tool provides various features to enhance the performance of Outlook. Moreover, working with this software was very easy as it involves only three steps for compression that are: open, select and compress. So, based on the overall performance I would like to rate this tool 9.8 out of 10.

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