GPT-2 Is Not Ready To Be Launched Yet, Says OpenAI

This week is all about Elon Musk’s project. After the news of Neuralink, now we have OpenAI creating a fuss. OpenAI is another AI research organization founded by the well-known science enthusiast – Elon Musk. This AI research organization had created a text generating AI system. Named as GPT-2, it is now declared too dangerous to be released due to its potential to generate fake news and create fake propagandas.

While the most advanced chatbots are unable to converse properly, AI is getting better at producing words. A new web app will reply to our prompts quickly. This AI will now help you to write stories, new articles, poems etc. is the new accessible version which allows you to generate text. This site is created by Adam King, a Canadian engineer. Since GPT-2 is not yet ready for public use, this new AI language system is given to you through the TalkToTransform site, is a slimmed down version. In the past it was made available to only few scientists and certain number of Journalist. The word transformer actually refers to a type of neural network on which the GPT-2 and other system works.

This model is quite flexible. It is able to understand various input data that can range from song lyrics, news, stories etc. Recipes, HTML and codes can also be recognized by this new AI model. Adding to this, it can recognize famous characters like the Harry Potter.

Yet on a fundamental level, the system still doesn’t understand language. It is yet to develop a good understanding of the world at large. The text generated by this model has a surface level coherence and fails to have a long term structure. On the other hand, it is quite notable that a single algorithm has managed to achieve so much.

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