Young Immigrants Were Abused By Guards And Held In Detention Center

Immigrant kids as juvenile as 14 housed in Virginia at a detention center claimed that they were beaten while locked up and handcuffed for long time in solitary confinement. They also claimed that they were left shivering in concrete cells.

The abuse allegations in opposition to the Shenandoah Valley Juvenile Center in Virginia are stated in filings of a federal court that comprise almost 6 sworn statements from Latino kids locked up for almost years. Various captives claim that the guards stripped clothes apart and tied them to chairs.

“At anytime when they used to hold back me and place me on the chair, they used to tie me,” claimed a Honduran migrant who was transported to the center when he was 15. “They also placed a bag on my head,” he added.

Apart from the kid’s translated and first-hand statements in court filings, a previous specialist for child development who operated within the center told the media that she saw children there with broken bones and bruises, which they blamed on guards. She spoke on the sole condition of being unnamed as she was not permitted to publicly talk about the kids’ cases. In court cases, detention facility’s lawyers have refused all blames of physical abuse.

Speaking of immigration, immigration executives lined up dozens of employees, many dressed in smocks and white helmets, outside a meat-processing factory this week in rural Ohio. This comes in the form of one of the biggest recent office raids conducted by the Trump management.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) of the U.S. claimed that 146 employees were arrested as fraction of a year-long inquiry into Fresh Mark, a meat supplier of northern Ohio. ICE claimed that the firm might have intentionally appointed undocumented employees, and many are employing fake identification belonging to the citizens of the U.S.

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