GTI Aurora Concept By VW To Have Hologram-Based Sound System

Trunk-fitted sound systems are more about showing off rights, but VW may have more purpose to tout than normal. It is marketing a Golf GTI Aurora concept vehicle whose showpiece is a hologram-managed audio system easily reached from the back. You can grab 3D sliders, push floating buttons, and, certainly, create eye-grabbing visuals. VW has not summarized the exact tech in progress, but you do not need gloves, glasses, or other accessories to handle it.

Do not get your expectations up just yet. It will be “quite a time” prior to before you see this in a production vehicle, the firm’s Mark Möller claimed to the media. While he did not say about specs, it is not difficult to see why. Holographic tech is both expensive and rare, even in restricted form. There is also the doubt of practicality. It is simple to place a hologram at the back where there is no distractions and abundant room, but it is another to squeeze one into the back seat or your dashboard. Think of this as a glance at the car audio’s future instead of verification of any plans.

On a related note, the ID Beach Buggy vehicle by VW is the type of vehicle you needed as a child and by the time you became an adult, they did not produce them anymore. Sure you can search one down and invest years getting it back, but sadly life has a method of ruining those strategies. But you can live vicariously via this car that can get you to the beach without throwing pollutants into the atmosphere.

“We made a decision on the Buggy since we think it is an actual emotional VW project,” claimed Herbert Diess, Volkswagen CEO, to the media in an interview. The car has got mixed review from users as well.

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