Here’s How You Can ‘Delete’ Yourself from the Internet

Internet addiction is very harmful. Since the evolution of Internet, mankind has utilized it in many different ways. But there have been some side effects of this magical thing. People got used to the Internet in a very harmful way. They started spending more and more time surfing the Internet in their tiny little room. This made them highly introvert. The Internet connected them to the whole world by letting them spend the time inside the four walls. But it also created a gap between the internet addicts and rest of the world. Result, people started separating. In order to overcome this, there is only one solution. DELETE YOURSELF FROM THE INTERNET!!!

How You Can 'Delete' Yourself from the Internet

Yes. You heard it right. This is possible. There is a website that actually does this thing. The website named deletes the traces of your existence from the Internet.

You just have to do one single thing. Log in to the website. Connect using your Google account. The application running on the website then finds all the things on the Internet related or linked to your account. These include accounts linked to social media sites, dating sites, online stores, and many more. The application can take a longer span of time to delete if your Gmail account is linked to too many online activities.

Thus, concluding the article, we advise you to get free from the Internet if you are an addict. Just follow the above steps. But before you do delete yourself from the Internet, just comment your thoughts on this.

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