Get Better Sleep: The Dos And Don’ts Edition!

If you experience insomnia and have trouble sleeping soundly, take a look at the list of dos and don’ts below.

Get Better Sleep The Dos And Don'ts Edition


*Do make sure to go to sleep on a schedule. Excessive amounts of sleep or not going to bed on time will result in poor quality fragmented sleep patterns.

*Do make sure that your bedroom environment is conducive to sleep. Ideally, it should have cooler temperatures and optimal darkness to ensure you can wind down.

*Do invest in a mattress that suits your requirements. Read this reviews for 2023 Sealy mattresses.

*Do establish a regular pattern of relaxation before attempting to go to sleep. Avoid doing work or using mobile devices as they can cause sleep problems. Try something relaxing such as reading a book or meditating at least 10 minutes before sleep.

*Do exercise regularly but never do it a few hours before bedtime.


*Don’t nap during the day as it can disrupt your sleep patterns.

*Don’t eat any heavy meals, especially during dinner. If you’re still hungry, choose nourishing light snacks or a glass of milk.

*Don’t drink or resort to using tobacco. Both will disrupt sleep and cause insomnia.

*Don’t think negative thoughts or dwell on anything that causes you anxiety before bedtime. Should you have trouble falling asleep within 20 minutes, try reading or watching TV to wind down.

*Don’t rely on sleeping pills or alcohol to get to sleep. Using either of those things will actually make sleep worse and result in poor sleeping habits. Should you still suffer from insomnia, it’s best to speak to a medical professional.

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