High-Speed Internet Connectivity & Adoption Of Cloud Platform Fueling The Global IoT Monetization Market

IoT (Internet of Things) monetization is a process that allows service providers to obtain revenues from the data created through IoT connected devices. Internet-connected devices add to the more convenient and faster processing of the data. IoT supports enterprises to analyze, monitor, and manage their revenue in an economical manner. IoT monetization solutions offer operational & economic competencies to the organizations. With the ability to connect IoT to different physical devices & objects globally owing to mounting internet connectivity and penetration of IoT devices in wide-ranging segments, the global IoT monetization market is expected to grow significantly in the future. These aspects are leading to the surged implementation of the cloud platform, thus driving expansion of the global IoT Monetization market.

The cloud segment of the market is projected to grow at a considerable rate owing to the rising implementation of cloud platforms in the business applications and functions. The enterprises are implementing cloud platforms for enhanced efficiency & scalability which is also lowering the cost and harm involved in their business. As per analysts, more than half of the amount of work in organizations will run in the cloud in the upcoming few years. The surging implementation of cloud platforms in various industries owing to its ability to aid the organizations to access data on the cloud platforms from anywhere across the globe—and take meaningful & valuable information—is estimated to be the major driver for the market development in the coming years. In addition, the growing innovation in technology ensures convenient and faster processing of data, thus resulting in the development of the IoT monetization market.

The rise in high-speed internet connectivity, coupled with augment in the number of connected devices globally is projected to be over 15 billion and will significantly contribute to the expansion of the market. Furthermore, the robust increase in smart city projects due to growing applications of incorporated IoT is likely to offer lucrative development opportunities in the global market. Additionally, augmented administrative support to promote digitalization to create value-producing opportunities is anticipated to propel the growth of IoT monetization market in the future.

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The global IoT monetization market is driven due to the augmented use of smartphones & other connected devices, a surge in the adoption of cloud platforms, and growing internet connectivity. In addition, encouraging administration policies, strong demand for reliable energy-efficient systems, enhanced security for home & building automation applications, and rising demand for smart devices are fueling the growth of the market.

The global IoT monetization market is advancing at a faster rate with advancements, product development, mergers, and acquisitions. On a related note, recently Ericsson claimed of adding novel capabilities to 5G platform to facilitate telcos lower TCO (total cost of ownership) and complexity whilst deploying a 5G core network. In a statement, David Bjore—Head of R&D and Portfolio, Business Area Digital Services at Ericsson—said, “With our main networks, service vendors can get to market faster and can take advantage of new services, with leading consumer & enterprise communication and monetization solutions, allowing them to outpace in the race for 5G business, at present and tomorrow.”

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