Lawsuit Filed Against Google For Tracking Location Data Of Users

Google is facing legal difficulties in accessing the location data of the users, even after the users have disabled the location services.

The lawsuit came within days following the report from the Associated Press about the data collection methodologies of Google. Napoleon Patacsil the user of Google has sued the company.

The lawyer of Patacsil wrote in its legal complaint that was reported on Friday that, “Google has said to its app users that by activating certain setting the user can prevent their location data from getting tracked.” However, the representation seems to be false.

The lawsuit is on behalf of all the mobile users of Google app, both on the iPhone as well as Android device and claim that the company has violated the privacy policies, which involves the right to privacy enshrined in the California constitution and the California Invasion of Privacy Act.

A judge has the right to decide that the charges made by the plaintiff have the solid ground to get approved or not. Along with this, the court will look into the matter that the person can file the complaint on behalf of every other individual in the United States impacted by the location data tracking practice of Google.

However, the practice followed by the Google for tracking user data is under inspection since past November, when it was first observed by the Quartz that the location data is getting gathered by the company, even though the user has disabled the tracking feature.

In addition to this, Chromecast devices and Google Home were found to be leaking the location information of the users in June, further highlights the ability of the company to get access to the user location data even without GPS.

The lawsuit filed, that the data which anyone can access from the location information is highly sensitive and needs to be handled accordingly.

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