How Much You Rely On Google? A Visit To China Can Reveal Everything

As soon as you touch the land of China, your phone is nothing but the equivalent to the first ever mobile device made by humans.

In case you are using Google-brand mobile devices and use a lot of Google apps, you cannot see the fact how much you rely on its services until you do not have any access to the services and forced to look out for other alternatives.

However, we all have become so closely related to the Google apps and its services, we do not actually have any idea about other apps as an alternative to the Google apps and services.

In case you have found some other apps, you still face the issue of over-reliance on Google services and apps, as you cannot use your Gmail, neither your calendar is sync anymore nor there is any 3rd-party software to take care of your Google Docs Files.

Visiting China will make you aware of your dependability on Google apps, as you cannot use any of these services, since there is no Google Service allowed in China. The question arises here is that, is it bad to get dependent on Google for its apps and other services. Well, until you are visiting China, it might probably not.

But this kind of experience or a need to visit China for any purpose like a vacation or business trip has made the users look out for alternative services and application for the one who comes around, or Google makes a change in marketing strategy for one of its core application.

Utilizing several Google services or apps on regular basis is fine, but being blind for all the efficient alternatives which offer services in other parts of the world is a bad option. A visit to China can make you understand the significance of it.

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