How To Almost Become Invisible Online

Unless you have been living without any modern amenities—and we mean actually mean it—your complete life, it is impracticable to delete yourself from public records, steer clear of the Internet.

To actually evade your data getting out there, you might either had to have never signed into a website in your complete life, or been approved for the Witness Protection Program, both of which alternatives are pretty far-fetched for the middle-class person living in a developed country.

Become Invisible Online

On the other hand, you can get pretty near to removing all proof on the Internet that you ever were present as doubtful as that may appear. Although you will have to be additional cautious not to reveal yourself in the procedure, there are various steps you can take for full online anonymity.

For one thing, as increasing amount people become exhausted of their digital lives, it makes logic that coders have taken the responsibility upon themselves to make tools with this particular exhaustion in mind. In the same manner, there are non-proprietary actions you can take to remove virtually linked profile as well.

Here we will take a glance at the advantages and disadvantages of all the different steps you can take in the quest for Internet anonymity.

Delete Your Account

It is an offense as old as the Internet itself, yet the statement “delete your account” can really help here. Actually, we might suggest removing all of your accounts, from email addresses to streaming services & social media and more.

It is palpable that if you do not wish anybody brushing through your personal profile online that you should not have a Facebook account but you must also mull over closing down Twitter. Any Tumblr, Reddit, or Instagram account you ever logged in for, no matter how seemingly unidentified, also has to be deleted.

Then there are the accounts you possibly did not consider. Apple and Google, for example, both need cloud-linked accounts for most of their offerings, while your old account on MySpace is possibly still out there being observed as well.

For those confiscated accounts, for which at this point the login credentials are a mystery, there is luckily a software dubbed as AccountKiller that can assist to mitigate your worry. Since the links for deactivation are often deliberately tucked away behind a series of confusing settings options, this is the decisive solution for swiftly navigating the hard-to-discover delete options of the digital realm.

Employ A Free Kill-All Platform

After you try AccountKiller, you might do a self-Google and sense something odd: your face has been removed from the web, but your private info is still present. The good news is that there are other analogous “kill-all” services developed to assist you in your quest for invulnerability. Better yet, they do not cost a penny.

For instance, is touted as a one-stop store for self destructing yourself online. Well, put more gracefully, it is an autonomous effort to wipe up your online attendance. By signing into either an Outlook or Gmail account, pries deep into your personal data for any specifications it can find that are connected to an account. It then offers you, nigh-instantly, with direct links to delete those accounts publicly.

Obviously, in employing you have to be comfy giving over your password and email address to a firm that touts itself “Ctrl Alt Deseat.” You also have to make sure that all of your accounts are connected to the same email ID. Else, it will not take care of each profile of yours that has ever been generated. Either way, it is a beginning for saying goodbye to online accounts that do the work of weighing down your ethics.

Employ A Paid Kill-All Platform

What about public records? What if the info you need to be gone was not generated at all by you? In that case, we will have you know there is one more option, although you will have to shell out some pennies.

As we have alerted you, websites can hand over your privacy. They are continuously gathering data about you and evaluating it with info obtained by other systems to market to you and, in some instance, to trade your personal data to other agencies.

These comprise companies such as Intelius, a data broker whose only job is to find out where you live, who you are, and what you have done. That intel is then handed over to secondary data brokers such as Spokeo, a site that gathers records for anybody who is sufficiently interested to pay for them.

It is obvious, then, why the presence of such outfits might leave many consumers paranoid, specifically those who take pride in their hate to suspicious Internet practices.

Luckily, there is a quick solution, even though you will have to shell out a modest amount to take benefit of it. For a price tag of $129 (almost AU$165 and £95) every year, DeleteMe provides to eliminate your name from all data-broking websites all over the WWW.

The firm behind this mission, Albine, ensures it can prevent privacy violators year-round.

Utilize A VPN

A VPN, or virtual private network, can stop online transgressions without obligating you to give up the many luxuries and necessities the Internet offers. And, obviously, there are number of VPNs that can help you get the best of the service.

A VPN can be employed to hide not only your IP address but your location as well. So if your worry is that you will be hacked with the aim of a data breaching, downloading a VPN will make sure that your web-surfing is completely locked down to keep you secure online.

Again, you can use a free service or a paid one, as per your requirements. Of course, the paid services will have more perks as compared to free service. But, for time being, the free apps might do your job. If you think that you are in absolute danger and the need to use the paid service is at peak, do not hesitate.

Now that you have seen the tips, it is time for you to get going.

Having said this, you just had a look at a few tips that can be used to erase yourself from the Internet. These tips will help you feel safe. If you feel that this article was helpful, do let us know by commenting below. In addition to this, you can also write to us some more tips that you are aware of. We would be happy to include them.

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