Top Reasons Why Steel Frame Is Popular For Construction Projects

It is common for skyscrapers and large buildings to use structural steel as its frame. This material has a reputation for being one of the most durable components in construction. But there are other reasons why steel is a popular choice for building agricultural facilities, company headquarters, and garages. Due to its sustainability and affordability, builders and contractors include steel in almost all stages of the construction process, including floor joists and roofing.

Steel Frame Is Popular For Construction Projects

It is also usual to see the steel frame in most buildings. Builders often make steel beams and columns to provide support for the floors, cladding, roofs, and most internal fixtures in every construction project. But aside from its signature sturdiness, here are several reasons why builders love using steel frames in construction.

Steel Frame Lasts A Lifetime

Using a steel frame is better than concrete or timber since it lasts longer than the two other popular construction materials. Compared to wood, the steel never cracks, splits, or creeps over time. Builders are also confident that this material does not attract insects, so it does not need treatment with insecticides. It is also resistant to mould and mildew because it lacks porosity, which is common in most wood construction materials.

While constant contact with water may corrode it, most builders would treat their steel frame with different types of protective finishes like epoxy coating to avoid oxidation. They may also use a hot-dip galvanising finish to protect against excessive UV rays exposure or a thin layer of metal plating to make it more durable.

Steel Frame Is Highly Versatile

Builders prefer structural steel because they can fabricate it into various shapes and sizes according to their needs, without losing strength. They can also use steel for any creative or innovative designs. Even architects and interior designers can mould it into something beautiful and functional. Because of this, it is not surprising to see structural steel used in building large structures like indoor arenas, hangars, bridges, and skyscrapers. Some builders are also beginning to use steel in residential building construction.

Steel Frame Is Sustainable 

Nowadays, more people prefer green buildings to reduce carbon footprints and help save the environment. Fortunately, builders can use recyclable steel materials for their projects to minimise scrap wastes. They can also have it melted and recast so they can use it for other functions. Modern technology can also help lessen the amount of scrap steel by using computer modelling methods before fabrication. If there are lesser scraps produced, the construction wastes that end up in landfills will also decrease.

Steel Frame Is Cost-Effective 

Because builders can have steel frames made off-site, they can reduce the cost of on-site labour by up to 20%. It also decreases the incidents of accidents that could put the safety of their workers at risk—meaning they do not have to pay for hospitalisation if something unexpected happens during the fabrication. Also, using steel frames made by reputable suppliers can reduce construction time. It will result in lesser financing costs.

Since building with steel frames can shorten the length of the construction period, the owners of the building can use it immediately. They also have fewer worries about the maintenance costs since steel rarely needs replacement or repairs due to its durability. Because of all these benefits, builders and contractors always choose steel for their projects.

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