How To Clear Fb Search History On PC And Mobile Phone

Facebook is one of the most popular social networking site. Facebook is used by billions of billions of people. Everyone likes to stay connected with their beloved once across the globe facebook made this very easy to connect with people and chat with them and also recently facebook launched the chess and basket ball game. Game can be played by the each other. We all do many activities like posting status, Commenting on the post and pages, Sharing the post and we search for the pages and friends profile etc.., Do you think this activities will not be saved on your profile ? If yes, Then you are wrong. Whatever activity done by you will be saved on activity log. Today, I will show you “How to Clear FB Search History On Mobile and PC” and also clearing of activities.

How To Clear Facebook Search History on PC and Mobile

How To Clear FB Search History On PC and Mobile Phone

Step 1: Login to your facebook account.

Step 2: Tap on the search bar and click on “EDIT”

Click on Edit

Step 3: Click on “Clear Searches” as shown in the below screenshot.

Click on Clear Searches

Step 4: Click on “Clear Searches” again to clear your search history.

Click on Clear Searches

Conclusion: This is the way to clear your search facebook search history on pc and mobile Phone. Hope you find this useful. If you have anymore doubts related to this post. feel free to ask me via comments.


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