How To Repair Bow In Minecraft

Bow is one of the most important tool when it comes to protect and hunt in minecraft. Many a times the bow gets accidently broken, so you may wonder what to do next. the bow is mainly used to defend yourself from enemies and animals staying away from them. It helps you to save yourself and eliminate any threat from a distance without hurting or draining your energy. It is crafted using various items in minecraft and also it has a specific charge or durability. Once the charge is drained, your bow will become weak and there may be chances that it will break easily and even when it is in a normal condition you might have to repair it. Given below are the steps to repair a bow in minecraft using anvil or crafting table.

There are 3 major methods to repair your bow in minecraft with solutions and steps for using it to fix bow in minecraft.

1. Fix bow using anvil

It is used by many minecraft players to repair various broken equipment. It is also helpful in repairing an enchanted bow. It acts as an alternative to grindstone. You can use it to combine and rename items in your inventory. You require 3 iron ingots which will be used to craft iron block and 4 iron ingots to repair the bow, when you have all the items in your inventory, you will need to craft an anvil using the following steps.

  1. Open crafting table which is a 3 X 3 grid.
  2. Set 3 iron blocks In the first row. Set one iron ingot in the middle and the remaining 3 iron ingots in the last roe of our 3 X 3 grid.
  3. Lastly, the outcome will be an anvil.

Fixing an enchanted bow using an anvil.

When you have your anvil ready the next step is to repair the bow using this anvil. For this you will require an anvil from the inventory and the material we use to make a bow.

  1. Open the anvil from the minecraft inventory.
  2. Place the anvil in the first slot while placing the unit of material used to craft a bow.
  3. Lastly the anvil will repair the bow without hurting its enchantment.

2. Repair using a crafting table

Crafting table is also an important item in minecraft which every player should have it in the inventory. It is also used to repair bow in minecraft. The only disadvantage of using a crafting table to repair a bow is that it will not work when you want to repair an enchanted bow. Rather it will detoriate the quality of the enchanted bow and reduces it to a regular bow with a little enhanced quality. If you don’t have items to craft an anvil then you could try this as a second option. Below are the steps to fix bow using crafting table.

  1. Open crafting table in minecraft.
  2. Set 2 ordinary bows in the 3 X 3 blocks on the crafting table.
  3. The resulting bow is your repaired bow with durability and enchanted quality

3. Using grindstone

It is another great inventory item to repair an enchanted bow. It is used to combine different tools and armors as no extra cost. Unlike anvil, you want to use too much iron, grindstone won’t require any extra inventory item and you can find it for free. To craft a grindstone you will require 2 sticks, 1 stone slab, 2 oak planks. Follow the steps to fix bow using grindstone.

  1. Open the crafting table on minecraft.
  2. Craft a grindstone using the above items.
  3. Then take 2 bows and add them to the grinding slot.
  4. The result will be a repaired bow with enhanced durability.


Above are the three common methods to fix bow in minecraft. You need to remember which method to use while you are fixing a normal enchanted bow. Crafting table is a nice tool if you want to fix a normal bow whereas grindstone and anvil is used to fix an enchanted bow in minecraft. Hope you found this article helpful.

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