How Victor Smushkevich Built A 7-Figure Digital Marketing Agency

SmushkevichIf you’re looking for a company that has the knowledge and experience about Lead Generation, Pay Per Link (PPC), SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and other important element that will help your website and business take it to another level, choose Smart Street Media.

Victor Smushkevich, the founder of Smart Street Media, is a wise business owner who knows how to bring his marketing expertise to fruition for other business people who want to maximize the current digital tools. Moreover, Victor Smushkevich also taps the insights and wisdom of his other team members who bring their own genius to the digital marketing space.

At Smart Street Media. Brenda Adam handles areas like UX(User experience) and design stakeholders who need a new and cutting edge look and feel of websites or smartphones apps. Ryan Whitton handles the creation of Bing Ads and Google Ads. He had nearly decades of experience with guiding clients to make the most of their business opportunities by using social media Ads and SEO (Search Engine Optimization). When it comes to management side of the business, Jason Renoylds Corey Rose handles projects and client/partner management.  All the team members contribute important parts to the day-to-day functioning to Smart Street Media. It is what makes up the part of the reason for the success digital marketing company since its founding in 2013.

Victor Smushkevich has built a large and dedicated group of clients like Josh Jennings, who is responsible for his website Victor and his team have helped the client think outside the box and learn how to use the current tools to boost their page views with the search tools on and more. Victor like to works with startups, so that he can show new entrepreneurs how he can bring quick and impressive results when it comes to boosting new traffics, which its turn boost sales.

One client was able to boost their sales by as much as 30% with helps of Smushkevich and his teach savvy team. Part of why Smart Street Media was named what it was comes from Smushkevich’s general “street sense” of knowing what types of digital media available to help clients and how to be smart about helping the client produce impressive return on their time and money.

In today’s high tech world that is constantly changing, Victor Smushkevich and his team stay ahead of the curve when it comes to knowing what it takes for their client’s to adapt technology changes as well. Whether it means showing the client through every step in the process about how to get more page views on their business website. Or explaining to the client what Responsive Web Design (RWD) means for their page to rank high on Google search, Smart Street Media is there.

The best news is that contacting Smushkevich and the rest of the team Smart Street Media is the first big step for the working with them to use some recourse to get measurable result for clients, consider Smart Street Media today.

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