HTC Viveport Store Will Support WMR Devices

HTC is carrying on to broaden access to its Viveport VR lineup. As of next month, all Windows Mixed Reality (WMR) devices will have Viveport access, comprising its subscription service (Viveport Infinity). Only almost 200 of the 600 Infinity games will operate with WMR headsets out of the box, but this must still considerably extend the list of games you can try employing official headset platform by Microsoft. Get ready for Infinity and you will also get access to exclusive content on Viveport Video.

Not shockingly, HTC is motivating Viveport creators to include support for WMR and reach a bigger impending audience.

This inclusion efficiently makes Viveport accessible to all the huge VR services, comprising Valve’s Index and Oculus Rift headsets. The plan is clear: HTC aims to profit from Viveport subscriptions and app purchases whether or not you have its Vive devices. Hence, it only makes logic to extend the pool of well-matched devices. You may also be more expected in the future to purchase a Vive headset if you find yourself entranced by selection from Viveport.

On a related note, HTC is much more serious about its raid into crypto-handsets. Earlier, the Taiwanese firm declared the Exodus 1s, a low-priced edition of the Exodus series that was rolled out in 2018. We do not know much about the mid-range handset further than its cost—somewhere in the range of $250–300, as per media reports—and its launch date, which is presently projected for “the end of quarter three.” The basic specs, including its display, processor, and camera setup, are all in secrecy for now.

HTC has disclosed one tantalizing spec, although: the handset will double as a complete node. This indicates that the handset can act as one of the distributed points that relay and validate payments on the Bitcoin blockchain.

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