Iceye, KSAT Pen Deal For SAR Data Partnership For Quick Data Access

Iceye and KSAT extend their joint deal for SAR data partnership to enable quick data access. The near real-time SAR processor of Iceye will operate within the vast ground network of KSAT resulting in increased efficiencies and value-added products to clients.

The new deal will hasten the process of vessel detection and provide data in less than a quarter of an hour from obtaining first satellite data bytes. Data will be processed as soon as it is downloaded. Conventionally, images are first downloaded by radar satellite personnel before they start to be processed; here both the tasks will be undertaken simultaneously.

Iceye which currently has a 3 SAR satellite constellation plans to add two more to the list. KSAT will be equipped to handle information from the expanded constellation of Iceye with its SAR processor being based in its ground stations.

KSAT is endowed with the largest global satellite ground set-up spanning 180 antennas spread across the globe at 21 locations. Small satellite operators can use the services of KSAT Lite’s ground station. The KSAT ground stations located in Spain, Norway, Greece, Antarctica, New Zealand and South Africa were currently being used by Iceye for gaining access to SAR imagery.

KSAT offers a thousand plus data products to its varied global clients per week. It draws on top-resolution optical satellite imagery and SAR to provide options to its clients for detecting vessels, monitoring oil spills and observing variations in ice said one news release.

KSAT vice president of energy, environment and security, Marte Indregard stated that they have the experience of working with Iceye satellites in the context of crucial maritime operations supported by them. The data quality was highly impressive; he said and further added that they were waiting for the additional satellites from Iceye to be completely integrated into their services.

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