Scientists State Humans Are All Alone In The Universe

As per a cosmically disheartening new study, humans are the only one existing in the universe and would never come across other intelligent forms of life. The researchers at the Oxford University have settled on that aliens do not subsist in a report that states human beings are probably flying alone in the outer space.

The scientists at the Future of Humanity Institute of Oxford University reached the conclusion that humans are not accompanied by anyone in the universe while probing the supposed “Fermi Paradox”—that contemplates why researchers believe in extraterrestrials in spite of having no evidence.

In the report, the researchers said, “We discover a considerable likelihood of there being no other intelligent life in our visible universe, and therefore that there should be slight astonish when we fail to spot any indications of it.”

There is probably no intelligent life beyond Earth—thus, there is no requirement to squander time hypothesizing about the relationship of humanity with aliens, states the paper, titled “Dissolving the Fermi Paradox.” This paradox, given name after Enrico Fermi, the physicist, questions how there can be “an elevated likelihood” of extraterrestrial life when there is no firm evidence.

In 1950, Fermi asked, “Where is everyone?” while considering the likelihood of interstellar travel. Previous scientific speculations have stated alien civilizations might be surviving in our galaxy dependent on 7 factors—comprising the location of star configurations and how long creatures are capable of surviving.

However, Oxford researchers Eric Drexler, Toby Ord, and Anders Sandberg state the easiest solution is possibly the fact: There is no one else out there. On the brighter side, those dreading an alien incursion can rest easy now.

On the other end, NASA is at present validating the Crew Dragon of SpaceX, the spaceship that will someday haul humans into space. The capsule is being tested by NASA at its Plum Brook Station in Sandusky, Ohio, assessing it previous to a scheduled unmanned assignment later this summer.

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