Iconic Brand ‘Topshop’ Styles Not Trending Anymore

Beth Armstrong, 24, states she’s not attracted to Topshop fashion anymore. Falling support has caused Arcadia, who owns Dorothy Perkins, Topshop and Miss Selfridge to seek rescue deals. Urban wear is the current trend, which Topshop doesn’t stock much she said. She shopped there often. However, she has moved on to other stores. People of her age demographic don’t like Topshop clothes anymore as they’re not in trend. Customers are even pickier in today’s environment. Although featured on Vogue during its peak, it has now fallen from grace. People are now shopping at Urban Outfitters, Cos, Weekday and Other Stories.

Armstrong mostly buys from Nike. Her friend Tynne, is favorable towards Topshop but has bought less than 50% of her clothes there. She shops there plenty, but fashion choices are found lacking. They also purchase from online stores like Misguided and Asos. Men also hold a negative view of Topshop. They prefer it for generic clothing but prefer Urban Outfitters for fashionable clothing.

Maureen Hinton, a GlobalData director stated that newer brands are causing a lot of competition. Topshop has premium pricing, which isn’t worth it anymore. Miss Selfridge clothing lines are also for niche shoppers. Former Topshop director Shepherdson was visionary with strong brand marketing skills. Without her, the store is floundering.

Sportswear brands are also entering the market with their at leisure collections. They’re competing with fashion leaders. Natalie Berg of NBK Retail states that not embracing technology on time is the reason behind fall in popularity. Although a well-known brand, it is still focused on department stores, neglecting social commerce, and online marketplaces. The partnership move with Asos should’ve been done earlier, she feels. Simon Penson holds that lack of a proper marketing approach is dooming Topshop. Not collaborating with influencers also caused the problem. Other brands have significantly more powerful online and offline marketing presence. Topshop’s website is still very basic.

Arcadia’s chief Sir Green has been charged with sexual assault allegations, which have affected youngsters’ decisions to buy from Topshop. Genz Z values morals the most and therefore, this could be a major factor. Jamie Windust, an LGBT Instagram influencer stated that she only got sent stuff from top brands, which she rejected if they weren’t in line with her ethics.

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