Music Apps By Google Have Reportedly Crossed 15 Million Users

Between Google Play Music and YouTube Music, Google has now surpassed more than 15 Million users, as per media report. The report claims that promotional or free tests are comprised in that total. Similar to its 2 largest rivals, YouTube Music charges $9.99 on monthly basis for a subscription, with a 6-person family plan having a price tag of $14.99.

In evaluation, Spotify lately crossed 100 Million paying users all over the world, with Apple summing over 50 Million. In the US, particularly, Apple Music is claimed to have surpassed Spotify in user count. Google’s user base is well behind both of these bigger competitors, but it still displays that the firm is grappling to put up a fight—and it is faring better as compared to Pandora, which is hovering just under 7 Million users.

Google has made it transparent that YouTube Music is the future of efforts for its premium music subscription; the firm has claimed that it will remove the earlier Google Play Music platform once YouTube Music mimics all of its features and rolls out in the same areas.

On a related note, Google earlier claimed that it is closing down one more element of Google Play Music as it changes to YouTube Music, its only music streaming service. The newest removal is the Artist Hub that lets separate musicians to sell and upload their songs on Google Play Music and the Google Play store. Similar to Spotify for Artists, consumers can also track their songs and get royalty money.

To no one’s shock, Google claims in its email to users that the removal is owing to YouTube Music, as per media reports. Musicians will no longer be capable of using the platform to edit or upload their songs. As an alternative, Google is advising consumers to turn into a YouTube Artist if you are not already.

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