Is Animal Protein Unhealthy Than Plant Protein?

Everyone needs protein in their daily diet, but protein not only comes from meat but also from plants. People who consume animal protein as an option to plant-based protein are likely to get less healthy. Protein, a macronutrient, is produced by amino acids. Also, meat has large level of protein, legumes have some, and grains and veggies have little.

The only thing in animal meat is not protein, but lots of fats too. The meat and dairy products generally consist of heavy fatty acids which is not good for health. The fish comes with high omega-3 acids which are actually considered good. Also, animal products lack in fibers which is also very essential part of our diet. If someone wants to have a high protein in his diet, he must eat animal meat, but he should think about the presence of heavy fat content in the diet too. Also, fishes have healthy fats, but they come up with problems related to mercury content and sustainability.

Though, plants have less protein, they come up with good amount of fibers. Someone can still have a good amount of protein though he/she is a vegetarian but if he/she wants to have a large protein intake, they have to consume protein powder supplements. Especially whole grains and legumes are rich source of fibers. The nuts are a good source of fats like omega-3. Plant food is also rich in starch so you won’t get a low carbohydrate intake from this. Along with protein from any source of food, minerals and vitamins are also absorbed except vitamin B12, so the vegetarians need to have an extra supplement. If you are eating a cheesy burger with coke and fries, it is considered to be a bad diet though you are having a plant protein.

Hence, everyone should have a balanced meal which provides you with each and every nutrient essential for your entire growth.

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