‘Pokemon Sleep’ To Infuse Entertainment During Sleeping Time

Three years following the craze of Pokemon Go boosted the market value of Nintendo, on Wednesday Pokemon Company unveiled some products in lacing an app – Pokemon Sleep in Tokyo.

Pokemon Company revealed some details on its application, but said that they would track the time that players of the game spend sleeping and awake. Both these data would influence the game. The application would have a device that would be external and which would send sleep data to the smartphones of the users.

Pokemon Company said that the application that will be launched next year is aiming to convert sleeping into entertainment.

Three game developers of Japan had founded the Pokemon Company 20 years back. These developers share the copyrights for the company’s franchise named Creatures Inc., Nintendo, and Game Freak. The announcement was made on Wednesday consisted a play for world’s biggest market of gaming. The company said that in China, the first of its mobile game will be the revised version of Pokemon Quest.

Pokemon Company said that in China 1.7 million players have signed for Pokémon Quest from May when the company said that it would bring the mobile game to the country in partnership with NetEase, a Chinese developer.

Nintendo has faced a limited access in the market of China, but the franchise’s shares have risen the previous month when news spread that Tencent, its Chinese partner, had won the initial approval for distributing the device of Nintendo Switch there. For keeping the momentum ongoing, Pokemon Company is now planning to bombard the Chinese market with more games all across the platforms including the battle game Pokemon Masters for Android and iOS, and Detective Pikachu, which is a Switch of Nintendo that is aiming to provide capital for the success of the hit movie with the same name that was recently released. The company is also planning to debut a new application Pokemon Home for Switch and smartphones which would allow users to access all their games of Pokemon at one place beginning from next year.

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