Jaguar To Implement Technology In Its Future Vehicles To Stop Superbugs Spread

Have you ever heard of a car helping to fight the spread of colds and the flu? Well, this is what the British company Jaguar Land Rover is planning to find out through its upcoming models. Recently, the luxury auto manufacturer has made an announcement saying that the future cars of the company could help in winning the combat against superbugs.

Jaguar Land Rover stated in a statement that it is planning to go for a type of ultraviolet light technology which is also called as UV-C. The medical industry has been making use of UV-C for more than 70 years. As per Dr. Steve Iley, Jaguar Land Rover chief medical officer, on an average, the driver spends almost 300 hours in a year behind the wheel. So, there is a strong opportunity to enhance the utilization of cars for administering preemptive health care. This technology has been incorporated widely to purify water, sterilize surfaces and filter air. The company trusts that this can be incorporated into its future cars to stop bacteria from surviving in the car’s cabin.

According to Jaguar Land Rover, the recent trials of the technology advise that this technology can cut four foremost drug-resistant super germs by up to 30 percent and these superbugs also include MRSA. Iley added that in winter the infections are more likely to spread and this technology is like reassuring to make you confident that harmful super germs are being neutralized. Jaguar Land Rover says that it is discovering an extensive range of both driver and passenger health features as the company aims to work towards a self-driving future. Iley added that he believes that cars can play a role in pre-emptive healthcare in an age of communal mobility. There are no updates and announcements made on when this technology will be incorporated in the cars.

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