Jeff Weiner Says Running LinkedIn Is His “Dream Job”

LinkedIn Chief and Microsoft top executive Jeff Weiner stated that his current designation was a dream job, in an interview to CNBC’s Jon Fortt on Wednesday. This was perhaps due to his star status among Microsoft employees.

LinkedIn has grown by 27% quicker than other products or services of Microsoft in the last quarter. It is Microsoft’s biggest acquisition, costing $27 bn. However, the network has had a huge impact, contributing about 5% or over $6.38 billion in revenue for the corporation. Microsoft is taking a hands-free approach to running LinkedIn.

Weiner stated that Microsoft’s decision to let LinkedIn retain its independence has allowed this success. Weiner continues to remain its head and is a major decision maker and part of Microsoft’s leadership team. Microsoft’s Dynamics and Outlook products have been integrated with LinkedIn, but other offerings like direct messaging and home feed were developed on its own by LinkedIn management.

Microsoft does not require an immediate performance to increase every quarter and is free about this. However, Weiner did face various stock upswings and downswings as its earnings results were declared.

Weiner’s salary details are not public yet. His earnings before Microsoft’s acquisition of LinkedIn was over $19million back then. However, he stated that he likes the job he does, regardless of the money he’s pulling in.

He said his position felt like the best job one could have. His recent conversation with Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO, made him realize this even more. The ability and flexibility of being able to accomplish vision and mission goals was something he felt very passionately about. Proving economic opportunities on a global scale made him feel good.

Being able to operate with extraordinary individuals and pursuing goals alongside them made him feel good. Being able to leverage Microsoft’s reach was also very helpful, he added.

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