Many reports of UFO sightings in 2019 through credible sources

For the Unidentified Flying Objects, this year has been a landmark one.

At a point of time, these had been considered as works of fiction which was done to increase the sales of the tabloids. However this year has been a year which has been full of news with regard to the UFOs and other strange phenomenon and these reports have also come from credible sources and at times have had videos too.

In the month of May, the Pentagon had admitted that there were ongoing investigations related to the UFOs shortly after the pilots in the Navy had claimed to not just have seen but also recorded these UFOs while they were doing a training exercise in the years 2004 and then subsequently in 2015.

In the month of November, there was one more report which had confirmed that post 2004, two more individuals whose identity is unknown had taken data tapes away from the records and also wiped this memory from the Navy hard drive.

However, roughly around that time the report had been released where the UFOs had been captured through a video off the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

While the astronomers have been claiming that there is a long time before the humans can actually end up meeting aliens, 2019 has been a year where the UFOs have been actively in the scheme of things on Earth.

There were also reports that on 21st of September, a couple while sitting at a campsite had witnessed a bright light that had been approaching towards them in a manner that was erratic as it stopped a lot of times before it could draw near.

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